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Michelle Stelling

Michelle Stelling the lead instructor for beginner, intermediate and advanced DigiScrappers and Photoshop Elements users, has taught over 7,000 digital scrapbookers and graphic designers throughout various colleges and via the internet for over 25 years. She founded the National Association of Digital Scrapbookers "PhotoEditing & DigiScrap Academy" in 2007 and has run her own design firm, Digital Designs, since 1998. Her students range from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Texas, New York, California and everywhere in between.

As you can see, Michelle loves her dog, her husband and 16 year old son, although they were not in the photo, lol. If she is not taking photos, she is enjoying watching her son play basketball. 

Karen Schulz

Karen has been teaching classes with NAODS since January 2013. We are thrilled to have her on board. You can find all of her classes inside the membership area. Some of them include: “How to Create Simple Styles”, “Create Fabulous Custom Frames”, “Designing Papers with Textures”, “Digital Pattern Design” and many more. She has been a traditional scrapper since the early 1970’s and became a digital designer selling kits and other products in January 2010. Karen also appeared on CreativeLive in March of 2014.

Visit Karen’s store at

Vicki Robinson

Vicki discovered digital scrapbooking in 2007, and instantly fell in love with it. It let her combine her geeky-techie software-loving side with a way to preserve the thousands of photos she’d been taking since she’d retired a few years before. Digital scrapbooking led her to designing/selling digital scrapbooking kits and that, in turn, opened the door to digital art/life journaling. From there she started exploring the world of hands-on mixed media art and loves to incorporate her art into her digital products. Vicki says nothing could have surprised her more than to have discovered, so late in life, that she had a creative side and she loves sharing her unexpected journey with others.

Visit Vicki’s store at

Esther Wisdom (Guest Instructor)

Esther discovered she had a creative and artsy side in 2000. She began her creative journey with traditional scrapbooking and then branched off into paper crafting (specifically 3D paper projects and paper flowers) and various DIY projects. Being a bit of geeky gal, she then began dabbling with digital scrapbooking in 2005. Life (family, career & schooling) didn’t allow much time for playing and full discovery so it just simmered on the back burner for years. In 2019, she had the time to fully explore, so jumped in with both feet and has not looked back.  Her digital style is a bit eclectic as she tends  move between traditional to clean and simple to full on mixed media/artsy/art journaling.  One of her favorite things to do is to find paper mixed media layouts, analyze them, and scrap lift and recreate a similar look digitally. Esther believes knowledge is meant to be shared and enjoys sharing her tips and tricks to help others.

You can connect with Esther and see her work at:


A graphic designer for the printing industry by trade, Wendy was creating rudimentary “digital” scrapbooks using inexpensive scrapbooking software and Photoshop in the mid 1990’s. She even designed her first brag book using Quark Xpress and Photoshop a full year before she discovered the digital scrapbooking world in June of 2006. A whole new world of artistic expression was opened up to her and she was immediately taken with digiscrapping. Wendy began designing templates based on her layouts and began selling her designs in early 2007.

Wendy retired from Digital Scrapbooking and Teaching in Dec of 2022. Her classes still live on inside the Academy.

Linda Cumberland

Linda began her scrapping as a traditional paper scrapper in the year 2000 and discovered digital scrapping in 2002. Not long after she began digital scrapping, Linda was creating and selling her own products. She still enjoys merging her digital experience with her traditional scrapping to create photo albums, cards, and wall art for family and friends.

Linda has been married for 45 years. She and her hubby are blessed with 3 wonderful sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and 5 fabulous grandchildren, who are most times the focus of her layouts. When not designing, Linda enjoys teaching her 2 oldest granddaughters the art of digital scrapping, crafting, watching old movies, and traveling to visit family and friends.

Be sure to check out her beautiful work at:

Anna Aspnes (Guest Instructor)

Anna creates DigitalART for people who want to create dynamic and effortless art. Her passion is to help you commemorate and honor your life by helping you to flex your creative muscles in a way that is both unique and truly exhilarating. Before she could walk, Anna spent endless hours at a coffee table intent on creating magic with a crayon in hand. Today, she shares this same magic at a different table by creating sophisticated contemporary DigitalART designed to be used by creatives and non-creatives alike.

Anna Aspnes offers digital art elements, mentorship and education support through more than a decade of experience in modern memory keeping and DigitalART creation. As a pioneer in this industry she breaks the rules and provides a unique approach to story-telling.

Anna is British native living in Colorado with her husband, 2 children and dogs, enjoying the outdoors whenever possible.

Connect with Anna at and find my DigitalART designs at

Peggy Slemp

(Update: Our beloved Peggy passed away in 2019, fortunately for us her classes still live on; we miss her dearly)

Peggy was always the family record keeper, but after fumbling at paper scrapping for a couple of years, found digi-scrapping in 2007. She began with Digital Image Suite, then Photoshop Elements 7.  Having succumbed to temptation over all those years, she found she needed good systems to organize all her supplies. She enjoyed doing a little designing, artwork, and lots of photography, gardening, and family history. She published several family history books using digi-scrapping. She lived in Washington state, blissfully retired, and had three grown children and nine grandchildren.


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